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TRIRIGA Systems Integration Options - Deep Dive session

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Brainstorming Integration Solutions Strategy and Techniques

We are pleased to announce the first in the series of deep dive sessions we have planned.

A no-obligation (up to) four-hour session for any direct TRIRIGA system users (or potential users) where the following applies:

  • You are in the market for TRIRIGA IWMS solutions and are looking for Systems Integration possibilities.

  • You are starting on the journey of implementing the TRIRIGA solution and need to understand the Systems Integration options.

  • You are a current TRIRIGA solution user looking to integrate with external systems and need some direction.

  • You are a current TRIRIGA solution user with existing integrations looking to modernise the technology stack and explore multiple options.

What you need to do:

  1. Fill up the form and submit your request. Our representative will briefly discuss the requirements and agree on potential dates for the session.

  2. Establish a list of attendees and agree on their time commitment. A minimum of three people from your organisation would need to attend the session.

  3. Execute an NDA (if required).

  4. Provide details of your current environments/tools/solutions and potential systems integration use cases (as much as possible). These details will help us tailor the session to your requirements.

What will you achieve:

  1. An understanding of the OOTB Systems Integration options available within TRIRIGA.

  2. An account of any available tailored solutions and methods.

  3. Know your current status, the required target state and a high-level roadmap strategy to get there.

  4. Identify vital issues and leave with techniques to mitigate the issues

  5. A view of the design, development and run-time operations best practices

What will we do:

  1. We shall set up the session on the agreed date and time. The session will be delivered online (through MS Teams) unless otherwise you are in or around London, UK, in which case we can arrange the session in our office.

  2. The agenda for the session may include the following items (as per the requirement):

    1. Requirements elucidation

    2. TRIRIGA (Out of the box) Integration options

    3. Integration data sets as per TRIRIGA modules

    4. Integration strategies

    5. Technology options including advise on middleware technologies.

    6. Delivery method featuring design, development, and testing strategies.

    7. Industry standards and trends

    8. External systems engagement best practices

    9. Ongoing management of Systems Integrations and run-time support

The content is designed & delivered by technologists with years of experience in TRIRIGA and related Systems Integration and API technologies.

The session shall not include a detailed discussion of a particular product or solution. Any advice provided shall be independent of the technology, solution or delivery partner you might eventually choose.

There is no obligation on any attendees arising out of this session.

Please read our Privacy policy here.

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