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The Next Generation Workplace and Facilities Management Solutions for IBM TRIRIGA

Intelligent solutions, built with end users in mind and geared to solve real-world problems.


Next Gen Technology in Facility Management

A seamless experience across multiple devices and form factors – mobile, tablet, desktop, wearables

Unified Digital eXperience

Role based apps; Granular functional access & License control

Role Centric Apps

Comprehensive Organisation level configuration control; Customer self-service branding adaptation.

Customer Specific Branding

A new systems integration platform featuring pre-built APIs with dynamic schema and optimised performance

Enterprise grade Integration

Industry standard multi-level encryption featuring User credentials encryption to data encryption in transit.

Encrypted Data Exchange

"Over the air" App provisioning and version upgrade management

Automated App Provisioning

Our product

Our Products

MobileKraft products are built from ground up. Each product is backed by years of experience and is embedded with features focused on solving the real-world problems.


We currently have two different product offering:

  1. ExpressConnect  - a fully embedded Integration Platform add-on offering for TRIRIGA

  2. UXP (Unified eXperience Platform) - a digital experience platform to deliver a unified digital experience across multiple devices and platforms.



ExpressConnect is an embedded Integration Platform add-on offering for TRIRIGA.


ExpressConnect consists of three main components:

  1. ExpressAPI - a standards based, pre-built REST APIs

  2. ExpressEvent - a standards based, asynchronous API engine.

  3. ExpressAdaptor - a generic adaptor for IBM AppConnect solution (roadmap item)


Unified eXperience Platform (UXP)

The UXP is the underlying platform which helps deliver a unified digital experience across multiple devices and platforms.

The UXP Platform drives the App behaviour and provisions all the data required to deliver an excellent User experience.

The Apps leveraging the UXP platform targets specific User roles through a "Super App" configuration with a granular level functional access & license control.

Behaviour of the app can be adjusted in real-time with comprehensive Organisation level configuration control.

The WPS App built using UXP platform features a Service Request capability targeted towards the Employees / End Users.

The Users can submit a service request for self or others, utilise single or multi-page wizard for new Service Request in mobile apps and interact with the app in their own language.

The App features full range solutions from no install web apps to full native apps and provides a seamless experience across multiple devices and form factors – mobile, desktop & tablet.

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